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August 8th Producer Interview

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August 8th Producer Interview
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Post August 8th Producer Interview  Reply with quote
I. New Disciple of the Land - Fishing
II. Phase 4 Dates (Open Beta)
   A. August 17th-19th
   B. August 16th-19th (if you participated in Phase 3)
III. Launch Information
   A. Early Access August 24th
   B. Launch Aug 27th
   C. No server downtime between early access and launch.
IV. Phase 4 Information
   A. Level cap is 20
   B. Content up to level 20
   C. Housing area released
         1. can change the roof, walls, etc.
   D. PvP
         1. Coliseum
         2. No PvP specific actions yet, those will be released at a later date
   E. Arcanist will be available
         1. NOT A HEALER, HE IS DPS
         2. Limsa Lominsa based
         3. Arcanist pet uses magic and attacks from distance
         4. You get an extra hotbar for your pet (unchangeable). Pet actions are on this hotbar.
              a. "Peace" action will make the pet not doing anything for example
         5. NPC works off of FFXII's ganbit system (YAY!), so they will fight freely.
              a. You can use semi-order for command, so it won't listen to commands it can't actually do.
              b. In general this is a good system. May have problems in end game content where you need more specific commands.
         6. Arcanist magic attack is not that high. The class needs the pet to have its full potential.
         7. Lots of debuff skills like bio, vain, and ruin
              a. ruin does damage, but very low damage
              b. vain spreads debuffs to multiple enemies.
         8. Arcanist is the base for Scholar and Summoner
    F. Summoner
          1. Ifrit Egi and Garuda Egi are attacker pets
              a. Ifrit is close range dps and garuda is long range dps using spells
          2. Titan Egi is a tank pet.
          3. Summoner's use DOTs (Shadow Flare).
              a. Strong poison + slow
          4. More Egi will be released when level cap increases.
          5. Has attacks that can attack while chasing mobs.
          6. Uses INT stat.
    G. Scholar
         1. Complete healer
         2. Pets that can heal with you or another will keep buffs on players
         3. Takes some time to summon pet, so you can't just unsummon it and resummon it over and over to heal it instantly.
         4. Unlike WHM, Scholar adds buffs along with healing
         5. Uses things like Stoneskin, which absorbs damage while the shield is up.
         6. Ether Flow restores MP
         7. Some skills can be cast instantly while in Ether Flow mode
         8. Has aoe healing, and able to cast Resurrect
         9. Uses Mind stat.
V. Payment Method
    A. Credit Card
    B. Crysta
    C. Prepaid cards from convenience stores.
         1. 30 days or 60 days
    D. Did not mention PayPal
VI. World Service
    A. Transfer service between servers in case you want to play with people on another server.
         1. Does cost money
         2. Available 2-3 weeks from launch
    B. iPad app/smartphone app
         1. Will be able to view character and compare your gear as well as see what is available.
         2. All information from the game will be there.
         3. Shows crest, materia slots, and what materials are needed, which NPC sells them, and what quest(s) gives the reward
         4. Free (consider it part of the monthly subscription)
         5. Should be available one week after launch
         6. In 3-4 weeks Android version should be up (iOS first).
VII. Repairs
    A. The more damaged gear gets, the less is will increase in cost.
         1. Doesn't cost less just becomes more expensive more slowly (i.e. wait as long as possible to repair).
VIII. Can we transfer between same server accounts?
    A. We don't have plans for the long term.
    B. We may open this to players, but we will be careful - we don't want RMT (?) to use this.
IX. Barber
    A. Can changer hairstyle, hair color, eye color, face marks, face paint, face paint color, beard
    B. Available in patch 2.1
X. When can we obtain the new swimsuit, fire resistant gear
    A. Well it's a swimsuit so this will be a seasonal event.
         1. During Christmas, there will be a Christmas feel to it.
         2. For Summer, we will have a summer event - in this event you will need the fire resistant gear to fight
    B. You should be able to get it in a week.
    C. We will do a lot of seasonal events.
XI. Stat Points
    A. Mentioned that scholar and summoner uses Mind and INT, respectively. This is up to level 50, post 50 we want players to decide.
    B. There will be items to reroll the status points.
         1. This will be needed when switching between two job son the same class
XII. Bosses and gear
    A. We will have hard difficulty dungeons available after launch
    B. Bahamut Labyrinth
         1. Relates to the 7th Umbral Era, which Lousisoix teleported the players to
         2. Bahamut Labyrinth will explain what actually happened.
    C. Bahamut Labyrinth Interesting gimmicks?
         1. Tip: If you don't split and fight in a particular way, you can't win, or you may finish the first part but may not be able to do the 2nd part
         2. At first you'll have 8 players, but mid-point split up in groups
         3. We also have  a lock where you'll need to deal enough DPS in a short span, so you'll need your best gear to complete it.
         4. The Labyrinth isn't just it, but we have it where if you are alone, you'll take 10,000 damage
               a. but the damage can be shared if you have 4 players near you.
    D. Crystal Tower
         1. 24 players alliance raid content
         2. It is finished, but too hard, so we are making it where you can use the finder and join up and enjoy fighting the mobs.
         3. Crystal Tower moved back to 2.1 and is receiving adjustments now.
         4. First spend time getting new gear, this may take 3-4 months.
    E. Primal Fights
         1. We want players to enjoy it, we aren't making it hard on purpose.
         2. The fights are similar to before, but have an extra step so you'll be like "What the..."
         3. Tip: You'll be fighting the primal, but need to think about the map.
XIII. Can we send tells during instance raids?
    A. We don't want players to be mean to others, so at first we have it stopped.
    B. Also we have plans on expanding the duty finder. At this point we may release the /tell feature.
    C. We have new MMO players, so we want existing MMO players to wiat.
XIV. Will there be a Moogle Primal?
    A. Yes, in 2.1
    B. Moogle isn't really a primal, it was something that was created due to the situation
XV. Anything other that Chocobo and Magitek armor?
    A. Unicorn will be available (had a picture on a demo).
        1. Get the Unicorn through WHM class quest (?) and then can use it with any class.
        2. Sitting position changes based on gender and race.
XVI. Loot System
    A. Adjusted the drop rate, clear rate, and we checked how much gear for roles there are.
    B. At launch there are no restrictions on the number of needs you can do.
    C. We do want legacy players to be nice and pass to new players and stuff
        1. People mentioned on forums that legacy players passed items they couldv'e used, in order to help new people out
        2. For this reason, we are not putting a restriction on number of needs.
XVII. Racial Stats
    A. Racial stats are really slight as you get higher level and really nothing to worry about.
XVIII. Rare Items and Relics, can they be moved to sub-characters?
    A. No, if you do that, players will rotate 2-3 relics around, and that would not be fair.
    B. We want players to actually play that class/job and get it for that character.
XIX. Buddies Equipment, when will it be available?
    A. At launch.
    B. You can get them from a high level fate, and from minions. You can also get some from bosses.
    C. You might have one in your inventory and not realize, so look for them.
XX. Housing
    A. Available during Phase 4.
    B. Free Companies and Grand Companies will have housing.
          1. *This was asked later in the stream*: Does FC housing have to be in the GC nation you're FC belongs to?
                  a. No, if you decide on all that, the decision becomes hard.
                  b. We want players to decided without blocking motivation.
    C. **Long demo, less talking during this section, unfortunately.
    D. Crafting classes will be important for decoration
    E. Can we have housing in Ishgard and Couthas
         1. Might be nice since it has snow, but do you really want to have housing area where Behemoth comes in and attacks?
XXI. Free Companies (YAY)
    A. Each FC can get points by completing quests and purchasing Ether Wheel
         1. Every Player will get an effect for some time. You place it inside the House
         2. It gives all players in FC bonuses such as EXP bonus.
XXII. Is there darklight (?) for other classes?
    A. Yes, for higher levels. (Shows demo)
XXIII. Excalibur System
    A. In development for end game.
    B. For FF's legendary weapons, if we just have it as a regular drop, we need to have something that goes with the graphics.
          1. Will have unique graphics.
    C. Meanwhile we will work with Relics and other stuff.
XXIV. Marriage
    A. It will be ready in "not to long"
XXV. What is happening with Treasure maps?
    A. It will be ready at an early stage
    B. Can be done solo or with light party
XXVI. Can the job quest be cleared solo?
    A. Starting ARR, if you have enough skills to play that class/jobs role, you can clear solo
    B. We have artifacts for job specific gear, which you can get solo by traveling around the world.
    C. We have a system where you can team up with NPC's, so by doing that, you can do it solo
    D. Until you find the job you actually want, we want players to go around and try different jobs.
XXVII. Can we leave minions roaming in our own housing?
    A. Sounds good, I'll talk to the team about it.
XXVIII. Duty Finder
    A. At first, rewards won't be better for choosing "any content".
        1. As of 2.1, we'll have more dungeons, so at that time we should have it.
XXIX. Tokens
    A. If you can't clear a boss, like Ifrit, you can get tokens.
    B. Tokens will get you gear close to what you would get from the boss, and is good enough for later content.
    C. It is ready, and just needs to be prepared to be matched with content.
XXX. Add-ons
    A. They are in development. Will be available in about 6 months.
    A. Did a demo of the Coliseum.
    B. Available at patch 2.1
    C. Can get there from Molabe Dock (located where the meteor left a crater.
    D. Fights are 4x4 or 8x8 and can be randomly matched or queued up with groups.
XXXII. Veteran Players
    A. Upon purchasing a 30 day subscription:
         1. Obtain Finger Cursor Minion and Character Remake Ticket
         2. We didn't want player motivation to go down by seeing other options for race/character creation ideas and be sad about their own.
    B. Upon purchasing a 60 day subscription
         1. Black Fire Resistant Swimsuit
         2. Black Chocobo Minion
    C. 90 Days
         1. Beady Eye (JP Tiny Eye) mount
    D. Will have more rewards released regularly as time goes on (specifically 120, 180, etc).
    E. Game prepaid cards do apply to this time.
    F. We will have lots of mounts available.

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